Box Hill
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A sustainable water community

The Gables is a visionary community located in Box Hill.

This sustainable community will include a bustling mixed use town centre, educational facilities, lush recreational areas, large lake and local recycled water centre.



Recycled Water Centre

While the new phase of drinking water restrictions commence across the area, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your recycled water has no drought restrictions.

Celestino believe in ensuring water security at The Gables, which is why Celestino partnered with Flow to build the local recycled water centre to ensure The Gables community is water resilient with beautiful sustainable green spaces for all to enjoy.

Flow Systems is very excited to announce the operation of the Box Hill Local Water Centre and will commence distributing recycled water from the centre in the coming days.  We look forward to inviting you to a community open day and tour of plant soon.

The Box Hill water sustainable water network harvests wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets and takes it back to a Local Water Centre where the water is cleaned and recycled. Recycled water is supplied to homes in a separate network of purple pipes for non-drinking uses.

You can use recycled water for watering your garden, dust suppression, flushing your toilet and running the washing machine. We recommend that you remain water-wise during summer and don't waste your recycled water - for example, watering your garden in the early morning or late afternoon or evening so that it doesn’t evaporate during hot days. 

Drinking Water Stage 2 Restrictions are now in place and apply to you. Fines apply for breaching drinking water restrictions.

You can find out more here:

Also, at Flow, we believe that our customers should be Waterwise even when they have access to recycled water.

Below we recommend some tips to ensure you are Waterwise with recycled water as summer kicks in.

  • Check your taps for leaks and replace the washers as soon as they begin to drip.
  • Using the half flash button on a dual flush toilet will save you up to five litres per flush. You could end up saving thousands of litres per year.
  • Avoid watering your garden etc. between 10 am and 4 pm when evaporation is high. Maybe also use a watering can or a trigger nozzle on a hose, so you hit the areas that need it.
  • You can add compost to your garden to help the soil store water, which will save you watering the garden regularly.


Swimming Pools

Recycled water must not be used in swimming pools or spas.

This is not an approved use for recycled water and owners of pools and spas are responsible for ensuring that only drinking water is used for this purpose.

Smart water network


Box Hill’s recycled water


Planning assessment and licensing