Box Hill

Connecting your home

Once homes are connected to our sustainable water network they will be contributing to large savings of drinking water, as well as reducing the impact of wastewater discharged into the environment. Find out more below about recycled water in your home.

Recycled water taps

There will be a number of recycled water taps connected to the Box Hill Water network at your home and property - these taps are all purple in colour, including:

  • The only cold water tap connected to your washing machine
  • The toilet cistern water tap connection in your toilets
  • Some outdoor taps

None of your indoor recycled water taps will be readily accessible and the outdoor tap will be purple to remind you it is supplying recycled water.

Recycled water and drinking water

The highest quality recycled water will be supplied to homes from the Box Hill Local Water Centre. Recycled water will be supplied from purple marked taps and used for non-potable purposes such as flushing toilets, in washing machines and for irrigation. Using drinking water for these purposes is a waste, especially when we live in a climate of constant droughts and dry periods. By using recycled water, your household can save up to 70 per cent of drinking water.

Your home will be fitted with drinking water taps in the bathroom and kitchen for bathing and cooking. You will have a drinking water tap outside to use in the pool or spa, for the kid’s to play in the sprinkler or to clean and provide drinking water for your animals.

Sydney Water will be providing you with your drinking water.

Pools and spas

The recycled water produced by Box Hill Water is not suitable for use in pools and spas. If you are building a pool, you will need to comply with the Box Hill Water guidelines. Please read the information below and download our Pool and Spa Policy.

NSW Health does not permit people to swim in recycled water. It is perfectly fine to use in the washing machine, to flush your toilets and for watering gardens, including vegetable gardens, but it is non-potable water, which means it cannot be used for drinking or personal hygiene.

If you have any questions please contact us.